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Since it is winter and we are not currently doing much outside, I thought I would share some adventures from the past. Finally both boys were of the age and coordination that I felt comfortable taking them both hiking, and letting them roam. I decided to finally hike the trails at Barfield park here in Murfreesboro. Barfield park is a multi use park that has playgrounds, disc golf, camping, and hiking trails. The trails were better than I expected and easy enough for my 3 year old. We did the Marshall Knobbs red trail that begins behind the Wilderness Station.
The boys loved hiking out there. I think they could have spent the entire afternoon jumping off of rocks or from one rock to another. Baker even tested his balance on every fallen tree he saw. You will not feel like you are only five minutes from town out here. That was the best was 10 minute drive from our house, but felt like we somewhere else. 

I enjoy running races, and ever since I ran my first trail half marathon I have not enjoyed road running. Trail running offers a peacefulness and scenery that the road just cannot offer. The boys loved running or blazing through the trails. Hopefully there will be some trail races in their future. This video is actually from the very next week. The boys loved it so much they wanted to go back as quickly as we could.

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