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We spent Thanksgiving weekend on the Farm in Columbia at my wife's parents house. This farmhouse has been in the family for nearly a century. My wife's great grandfather built this house out of red oak from the trees on the property. In the spring, lightning struck the last remaining red oak tree on the property. This was a huge tree that had limbs the size of small trees. There were piles and piles of wood that was just begging to be burned. The stump to this oak tree was enormous. It was doused with kerosene in the hopes that it would the stump away. After an entire night of burning it still stood the next morning. In total, we had bonfires for 3 straight nights during Thanksgiving break.

The boys loved the fires. Their uncle Burton would throw large pieces of wood into the fire to make embers fly up in the air. The boys thought they were fireflies. They also ate way too many hotdogs and marshmallows over the 3 nights.


Not to be outdone, I made preparations for a bonfire at our house for the Stewart family Christmas dinner. I had two cedar trees already on the ground that needed to be cut up. I cut them into logs and then split them with my axe. Caleb was the helper of the day and stacked all of the wood. Unfortunately rain rolled in 30 minutes prior to the party and there was no bonfire. The boys were bummed, but that wood will be burned at a future date!

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