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My wife is from Signal Mountain, TN which overlooks the Tennessee River Gorge and the City of Chattanooga. We love the area, and try to get back there a couple times a year. My wife's brother just recently moved back to Chattanooga so now we have even more reason to go there. On this particular trip we were able to do a ton of fun things with our boys.

Coolidge Park is always a great place to go for kids. The park sits on Chattanooga's Northshore waterfront. Coolidge Park features a beautifully restored 100 year old carousel, an interactive play fountain, and lots of open space. Here is a good aerial view with park in the bottom of the frame.
Water area for kids to play in
Aerial View of the Park and Chattanooga
Beside Coolidge sits another park. Renaissance Park is a 23 acre urban wetlands park located on the north shore of the Tennessee River.  Features include hilly overlooks, nature trails with native trees, wildflowers, and river eco systems. One of those hills is used for a whole other purpose. Hill + Cardboard = Instant entertainment!

On the other side of Coolidge Park you can access the Walnut Street Bridge. This pedestrian bridge will take you across the Tennessee river to south side where you can visit the Art District or the Tennessee Aquarium. Our boys love getting ice cream for the walk across the bridge. Clumpies Ice Cream is located on the north side, and the Ice Cream Show is located on the south side of the bridge. You cannot go wrong either way.

Walnut Street Bridge

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