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Back in November, we took the boys to visit their Uncle Burton. He has recently moved back to Chattanooga after having grown up on Signal Mountain. Burton had been telling us about Stringer's Ridge. Since he lives in North Chattanooga, it was just a few minutes away. Technically the ridge was still closed, but you could hike a little trail up to a nice overlook of the city.

After the threat of the development of 500 condos on Chattanooga's North Shore on historic Stringer's Ridge in 2007, The Trust for Public Land and the City of Chattanooga got involved to purchase 37 acres and eventually all 92 acres to develop an Urban Park.

Here are some of the pics of the boys enjoying themselves on a beautiful late Fall day

Nice overlook of the Chattanooga

Baker's first taste of climbing

Little brother has to do it too!

Here is map showing the future of Stringer's Ridge. I know we cannot wait to explore it more.

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